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patient1 whitening Smile Gallery

This patient came to us with severely discoloured teeth and found he was always hiding his smile. After our teeth whitening treatment, his smile was whiter and brighter.

Implant and Crown

patient2 implant crown Smile Gallery

When this patient first came to us she was very unhappy with her smile due to her missing tooth. We placed a dental implant and attached a new crown to restore her smile.

patient3 implant crown Smile Gallery


patient3 bleaching Smile Gallery

This patient was longing for a bright white smile to enhance her straight teeth. We administered our bleaching treatment and the results speak for themselves.

Old Crowns Replaced

patient4 old crowns replaced Smile Gallery

After years of putting up with her old deteriorating crowns this patient came to us for a replacement (temporary change) of all her existing crowns.


patient5 bleaching Smile Gallery

This patient didn’t want a drastic transformation but did want to take his teeth a few shades lighter. We administered our bleaching treatment to lighten and brighten his smile.

2 Dental Incisor Implants               Implant Bridge

patient6 both after four implants Smile Gallery

Before having new implants placed, these patients were very uncomfortable smiling and talking due to missing teeth. We replaced their teeth with implants to restore the function, health and appearance of their smiles.

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